A Different View on L’Amour.

Love. A simple word of four letters that has the magical ability to turn people’s lives upside down. Love is a concept that encompasses numerous meanings beneath it. Love is expressed, perceived, and received in a plethora of ways all around the globe. Love is something so grand that it cannot be narrowed down to a few words or gifts.

A mushy, juicy kind of love.

That was basically the essence of Dr. Adam Talib’s lecture “Love Stinks”. He presented us with a new perspective on love, other than the traditional idea of mushy romance and long endless nights stayed up by the lovers every day. He has shown that there is more than one way to look at matters, especially those about love and romance. The event was basically counteracting the usual social influence that puts people in the pressure to become extremely sentimental and emotional when in love. He proved that love can sometimes be fun, painful, and eccentric to some as well. The poems we read together were absolutely unique. They were by poets coming from different cultures and backgrounds, which in turn added to the diversity of the lecture. Through the poems, we have seen how the ideal view of love has changed over time. Moreover, people’s construal about the female beauty has also altered greatly over the years. There was also a comparison between men and women in relationships: how they behaved when they were in love, how love affected their lives, which of them is the more dominant in the relationship, how each of them viewed the other, how they reacted after a break-up…etc.

What I have noticed in the lecture is that whenever Dr. Talib explains a certain occurrence about love, I find everyone nodding or smiling. This made me think about  the universality of love and how that all people are familiar or know the experience of love and what is it like to be in love, even if they haven’t actually experienced it themselves, like the girl who danced on “Single Ladies” for Beyonce on Valentine’s Day eve (aka girl writing this post :D)

Beyonce Single Ladies-1586803
A song that has become the yearly anthem for single girls on Valentine’s Day.

In my opinion, I think that celebrating Valentine’s Day is actually magnificent. Because nowadays in the rush of life’s pace, people would use a gentle reminder to press pause and take the time to show love and appreciation not only to their significant others, but also to people in their lives whom they care about. And it doesn’t have to be just on Valentine’s Day specifically, it could be on other days as well. We could simply say that Valentine’s Day is the prototype from which other similar ideas for appreciating our loved ones can evolve from!


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