Will People Be More Likely To Help You If You’re Dressed Expensively? (In-Class Assignment: Shaza, Ali and Alia)


Hypothesis: the more expensive and fashionable a person’s clothes are, the more likely other people will do this person a favour (helping the person out).

Type: Experimental method.

Sample: 19-21 years old.

Gender: Females only (because women notice each other’s clothes more than men do).

Method Design: a normal classroom with only girls, the professor is not there yet, the girl (part of the experiment) walks into classroom wearing expensive clothes brands (very eye catching so that all other girls will notice), she acts as if she’s new to class, she asks for help from the girls in class, we observe and see if the girls will be more welcoming to help her or not. Then the second part of the experiment will be assigning another girl who will enter the same class on a different day, this time she will wear very shabby clothes, she does the same procedure as the first, we observe people’s reactions to her and whether they will help her or not, compare results.

Independent variable: the two girls who will walk into class (one is wearing expensive clothes and one is wearing shabby clothes).

Dependent variable: whether if the other girls in class will offer them help or not.

Drawbacks/weaknesses: The experiment will take a lot of time as we will have to visit numerous classes before we prove our hypothesis.

Internal validity: it will be fine because the same two girls will enter the same number of classes and they will behave in the same way.

External validity: the experiment will have external validity if we try it on many enough classes. It cannot be generalized to men, for instance.

Reference List

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