4 thoughts on “How To NOT Conform: The Recipe.”

  1. Your blog is made with fine work. I like how the images correspond to the text with a short description beneath every picture to illustrate your work. It is true that it’s fascinating what unlikely actions we can take just due to social influence. I can understand you felt scared after reading this chapter but with enough usage of controlled thinking we can manage to go through the terrible influence of society ;).
    I like also when you quoted that we experience things with our emotions first.
    Very well done , keep it up !

  2. The book that you have mentioned seems to be very interesting, since it talks about the concepts and ideas that we have discussed in class which would make it easier to understand. I also felt scared the same way that you did, after reading the many examples of how social influence has such a great affect upon people in general, but like you said we must think about our actions first before actually doing them.

  3. I really love this blog post! I agree, and I was scared too! It’s one thing to be able to think about our decisions and consciously conform, but sometimes we even conform without realizing it, and that’s worse…but yeah, we should definitely “take our brain with us”!

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