Beauty Standards in The Media: Fabulous Or Fastidious?

One wishes that no woman in the world would ever have to look away from the reflection of herself in the mirror just because the media have managed to instill the thought that she is not beautiful enough. But of course, this is not what happens!

Yeah, exactly! Don't take it as true.
Yeah, exactly! Don’t take it as true.

Each and every day, women around the world are bombarded by messages that they should look a certain way, have their hair done in a certain way, wear their makeup in a certain way and so many other criteria they have to meet. Since the overflow of these messages can be extremely overwhelming, women have no choice but to try their best to live up to these impossible standards.

The reason I have chosen this topic is that I believe that it affects all women around the world. Moreover, the desire to look good and presentable is inherent in every woman, making it easy for corporations to target them.

I personally believe that the video says it all so I will leave you to it:




4 thoughts on “Beauty Standards in The Media: Fabulous Or Fastidious?”

  1. The video does say it all 🙂
    I really like that you choose this topic because it’s so sickening that one of the main concerns of girls/women nowadays is how they look compared to public figures. It gives a sense that their lives are controlled by the media and the media leaders. Also I live the title of the blog so much. It’s very meaningful: Fabulous versus fastidious, this is exactly were the frequency of TV shows, movies featuring supermodels, fashion shows delivering very tight signals about the meaning of beauty is taking us. This is a very crucial topic indeed. Good luck 🙂

  2. I think that this issue of beauty standards in the media affects us all, and unfortunately, nowadays we see girls starving themselves only to look like Victoria secret’s angels or any models. The problem is that people don’t understand that each one of us is unique and that beauty differs. I personally believe that a beautiful personality is what makes someone pretty and fabulous. Also, I really like the songs that you have put in your video.

  3. I love the song choice used in the video; each one reflects the images and videos that are being showed. I also agree to the part where those models don’t even look like the ones in the magazines. Photoshop may be commonly used and you never know how those in magazines really look like in real life which is so sad. I love the idea itself since this issue really does affect people and their self esteems by raising the bar to something that doesn’t even exist

  4. Well done! you managed to show how fake those models are! How their attitude is just so lame! Also, you killed the perceived beauty of being like those girls by showing how disgusting is the process to be like them! I really like your choice of the songs. They are very well placed! Another thing to mention is that your efforts to increase girls’ self esteem by empowering them not to look up to all the fake unrealistic standards of beauty.

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