The Tune That Lived.

Is it in the harmony of the tunes or the discord of the rhythms that make music so dear to almost all people around the world? Throughout history, we notice that music is one of the main things that both distinguishes the various cultures and brings people together.

Harmony of tunes or discord of rhythms?

People listen to and play music in all kinds of occasions and in all sorts of moods. Music has no boundaries whatsoever, from the instruments and tools used in producing music and its numerous genres to the sensations it makes one experience.

Such diverse sensations that music can make us experience!

But what is it about the combination of emotion-filled words and enthusiastic instruments that make music that special? Maybe because we find ourselves within the heartfelt lyrics. Or perhaps the sensational tunes that shift our moods and take us to worlds inside of ourselves that we were afraid of entering?

Music gives us comfort because it lets us know that there is someone else out there brave enough to sing out our own innermost thoughts & feelings.

Yes, definitely.
Yes, definitely.

Music provides us solace when no body around us has the slightest idea of what is going on inside of our minds, when no body seems to understand the struggles we go through or the pain we experience.

Music makes us forget about our own lives for a while and concentrate on someone else’s through the rush of tunes in our earphones.

Music adds spirit and dimension to our happy moments. It augments our joys and accentuates the delight in our bliss. We leave our bodies and minds under the control of the upbeat rhythms and light lyrics.

We leave our souls in the hands of music when happy.
We leave our souls in the hands of music when happy.

Music reminds us how splendid love is for love is the most sung-about topic in music. It brings to mind that special person and the sensations that come over us when they are around.

Music reminds us of love.
Music reminds us of love.

Music lets us know that it is okay to screw things up sometimes and that we have the power to change what we don’t like just as we have the power to switch to the next song when we don’t like the current one.

Music teaches us that life will never be composed of just one  idea or one feeling only. Just as our playlist is made up of a variety of songs that each give us a different feeling and put us in different moods, so is this life we’re living.

How your run your life is pretty much similar to how you run your playlist.
How your run your life is pretty much similar to how you run your playlist.

So…hold your iPod tightly in your hand, place your earphones firmly in your ears, raise up the volume, press play and enjoy the shuffle!

Enjoy the ride!
Enjoy the shuffle!


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