A Note To Self.

To the shy twelve-year old with glasses,

It doesn’t seem like such a bright time in your life now, does it? You are not as outspoken and outgoing as the other girls are and you often hate yourself for it. You think way more than you speak. You are among the few who wear glasses in class and it is not exactly good publicity. You are among the few with unruly curls and a boring ponytail all the time. You are not as slim as the others are. You never complain about family visits and always find warmth in them, unlike your peers who prefer the company of their friends. You are different and it many times you just wished to be a “typical” adolescent.

But trust me, it only gets better since then. You still may not speak much, compared to your peers, but the words and articles you write speak loud and clear. You may not be as outgoing but with the right people whom you trust; you let your inner self roam without restrictions. You wear your unique curls with pride until you decided to cover them with the veil. I know it has crossed your mind a lot. You lost the extra weight. You still cherish family time with all your heart but now have several circles of close friends to double the good times. You are not “typical” (because what is typical anyway?) You are yourself. And that, my dear, is unique enough.

Ten years ahead, your life will turn upside down. Ten years ahead, you will be a completely different person. You will be proud of yourself. You will enjoy having your thoughts and opinions appreciated. You will travel places. You will check some items off your bucket list. You will be more healthy. You will be more appreciative and you will be more…you know…out there.

I know I may not have yet exceeded your expectations on many of the things you wish I did/have. But remember I accomplished other feats you never even dreamed about. But hey, no need to worry; I still have immense energy and will to continue exploring new paths, to kick myself out of my comfort zone, to speak louder, to love more, and to polish my character shinier.

I hope you are proud of what I have become. And hopefully, in 10 more years, I can receive such a heartwarming letter from my older self as well.

Happy birthday!

With love,

Your 22-year old self.



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