Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice.

Moments of sheer joy, merry incidents, happy souls, fleeting looks of admiration, sweet taste of anticipation: all this and much more envelope the joyous festivities of matrimony. Even though we often fear and sometimes even criticize relationships, but when they do take place, we just cannot contain our happiness. And I am speaking from the perspective of someone who is witnessing such unison occurring with one of his/her loved ones, not if it is happening to you my single friend!


Well, not exactly like the guy in the middle 😀

When you are observing someone just getting into a relationship, especially if it is someone very dear to you (in my case, it is my beautiful cousin), you immediately notice the allure of beginnings and first times. The short subtle looks that say plenty. The jokes and teasing. The sincere hearty wishes of fulfillment and happiness for the couple. The joyous gathering of beloved family and friends.

Then you think about yourself. Who would be the person whom your family and friends welcome and celebrate? Who will you look lovingly at? Whom will your family invite to lunch and dinner at the terrace? Whom will your grandmother stuff his face with her mouthwatering food? Whom will your grandfather converse with about politics, culture, and arts? Whom will your brother and sister tell funny jokes about you to? Whom will your mother love from the bottom of her heart but simultaneously keep an eye on if he ever thought of hurting you?  And, who will take care of your heart? Just a thought.

It is all very novel, ain’t it? A new person entering the family, sharing your meals, jokes, gatherings, photos, and love. It seems a bit awkward in the beginning. You feel like you cannot be entirely yourself because of this new guy (You are like, who is he and why is starting to take my cousin away from me?). But leave the insecurities aside, you are happy. Genuinely and truly happy for her. The gleam in her eyes when he is around is priceless. The way he looks at her as if she were (and truly is) the most precious thing in the world is out-of-this-world. The way her mother is walking lightly from happiness and joy. The way her father looks lovingly yet jealously at the couple, wondering how he let that guy have his little girl.

Oh my, I cannot believe we are at this stage already, when we are greeting each other on relationships and engagements and not grades and graduations. May this new stage bring us all happiness, joy, solid bonds, and satisfaction.

God bless our eternal bond insha’Allah! ❤

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